Power Fist

The Power Fist Monk Order of the Northern Continent has simple roots around the Orpha area. The original creed of the order was to “achieve perfection through proof”. They believed that perfection was determined by physical superiority, as part of the natural order. If you could prove you are stronger, faster, and smarter than your opponent without need of weapons, armor, or magic, than you were one step closer to perfection. There was no need for kindness or mercy in this order, and training involved duels to the death with armed opponents or monsters. At times (such as the case with Ushalt) the order would loan new recruits to the Red Blade Assassin’s guild to subject them to difficult and gruesome deeds.

As Ushlat traveled the world, he beat any and all other monk orders he came across into submission, forcing them to adopt the Power Fist way or die. Many monk traditions were wiped out completely in a year our two, and many others hid their histories and submitted to Power Fist.

In time, after Ushalt was deemed the Chosen Fist of Kairos by the Lawful Planes, Power Fist took on a new role entirely. While they maintained their original ideals, they became a force against chaos in all its forms, fighting it wherever it reared its head in the world. Many orders accepted this neutral stance, and all known monk orders banded under Power Fist to combat the hordes of Warlord Gricho.

Ushlat founded the First Monastery south of Halo in Amity, and it serves as both the training grounds for new recruits and a temple to Irori. Master Tievo, Ushlat’s former master, is the Headmaster of the dojo and Master Delwik serves as the master trainer for promising new recruits.

Today, Power Fist still teaches physical perfection while eschewing arms and magic, but they stand as a first line defense against the chaos that almost consumed the world seven years ago.

Power Fist

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