Legacy and Destiny

Hammru's Day Out

"Don't look him in th-! Woah.."

While the rest of the party went into the skum’s lair, Hammru, Makoa, and Camellia stayed ashore to tend the fire and keep lookout. After a few moments, Camellia left to relieve herself, and walked along the beach behind a large stone outcrop. After about a half hour, Hammru was playing with Krythyk and noticed him acting anxious. Makoa decieded to check on Camellia and discovered her tracks leading into the ocean and then two separate sets of tracks leading north along the other side of the beach. The heroes quickly geared themselves and rushed down the beach to investigate.

The tracks led into a shipwreck far up the beach, and they decided to explore. On the top deck of the bow of this shipwreck, they encountered a group of vampire spawn oddly unaffected by daylight. After throwing them off the ship and jumping (or falling) on them, the heroes continued their exploration. On the stern-half of the ship they found a collection of neatly laid bodies with bruises and bite marks. Deciding Camellia was more important, they climbed to the top deck and were met with a skum vampire and spawn lackeys. Taunting the heroes, Makoa and the skum exchanged ideologies before dominating Hammru and tricking him into attacking Makoa. Makoa held his own until Hammru regained his senses, and the two of them bested the vampire as he morphed into a large bat and assaulted them. Broken and defeated, the vampire spoke the name of his leader, Ukur-vo, before fading into mist and disappearing belowdeck. The heroes went back down to mid ship and, finding no Camellia but finding the vampire in his coffin-home, staked his heart and set flame to the entire ship. They grabbed a few ropes tied around the necks of the spawn and, as they dissipated, realized they had the power to protect them from the sun.

Crestfallen, the two returned to camp to discover the party emerging from the cave with a vampire Camellia in tow. Tyrin (though unintentionally nearly killing her) gave her one of the ropes Makoa and Hammru and found, and Elucifer offered her the cursed Hat of Disguise to hide her vampirism.



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