Lord Pactum

Lawful Evil Pit-Touched Sorcerer


5’8" Crown of horns, dark red skin, wings, 142 years old.


Well over a hundred years ago Margaret and Jacob Thell lived on a small plot of farmland relatively happily. The only downside to their life was the couples inability to have children. They had tried for years to no avail. The desire for a child, and the knowledge of never having one, began wearing greatly on Margaret. She fell into a deep depression that lasted for years. Eager to to see his wife smile again, and wishing for a child himself, Jacob began looking into extreme measures. Over the course of his research he learned of a ritual to summon a devil, one that supposedly can give you whatever your heart desires, for only the cost of your soul upon your death.

Jacob quickly set out to accomplish this, and after some time, finally managed to do so. Summoning a Contract Devil, Jacob made the deal. His soul for his wife to be with child. Smiling the entire time, the Contract Devil agreed and told him that his wish would be done. With contract in hand Jacob went home full of hope. For fear of her being upset, Jacob was unable to tell his wife about the deal.

A few weeks later, Margaret was pregnant. Overjoyed by this her depression immediately ended. She happily carried this child full term, with her loving husband by her side, but never revealing the truth behind the pregnancy. Once the nine months had passed, Margaret went into labor for four days. After the four days of agonizing pain, Margaret died while giving birth to a Tiefling boy. Jacob was destroyed by this, knowing deep down, he was the cause of this. In attempt to bring happiness back into his wife’s life, he had instead, taken her life from her. Hate quickly welled up within him and he set to torching the house, with him, the body of his wife, and the newborn child still inside.

As Jacob lay clutching the body of his wife, awaiting for the flames to take them, he saw the Contract Devil walking inside the room. Jacob began screaming and taunting the Devil but to no avail. The grin on his face never wavering, the Devil leaned down to pick up the child, who now had flames tickling at his body, but not appearing to hurt him. The Contract Devil stepped through the flames carrying this child, leaving Jacob to die with his wife, and entered Hell. As he looked down at this child he said but one word, “Pactum.”

Several decades passed as Pactum was raised by his new Father in Hell. His Father, being a record keeper for this particular Realm within hell, had some pull within the hierarchy of Devils and was able to keep Pactum safe and raise and teach him. Never knowing compassion or love, Pactum grew to become a cold and calculated person. Aiding his father in his task and contempt with his place in Hell, Pactum continued living here for nearly a century. Until by pure chance, a random encounter with other mortals changed his life.

Having an innate ability to manipulate the Arcane arts Pactum was called to help control a portal to the Abyssal Plane. While attempting to repair and maintain the seal around it, which was destroyed by a Qlippoth, a group of mortals rushed through chasing the creature. Being ordered to follow to ensure the portal was secure, and dispose of the Qlippoth if possible, Pactum joined them.

After traversing the Abyss, even aiding the others in bypassing a dangerous city lying in the depths of the abyss by Scrying the creature, Pactum had earned a measure of respect from these mortals. Once the Qlippoth was dispatched and no immediate threat to Hell or the portal between this planes was apparent, this group of adventures asked Pactum to join them and return to the Material Plane. Being offered companionship, which was something he didn’t even know existed, and now driven by a new found curiosity and lust for exploration, he happily agreed. Thus joining with Ushlat, Nodokai, and Cassandra, Pactum left Hell and began his new life on the Material Plane.

Never straying far from his roots, Pactum’s lust for control, and the souls of mortals, always pulled at him.

Lord Pactum

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