Camellia Lafant

NG Human? Commoner 2/Expert 2/Rogue 1





Gentle, caring, and curiously adept at subterfuge, Camellia is at heart a master of growing and brewing tea. She doesn’t state who her parents are/were, but she does state her father left her his tea garden which she’s tended since she was very young. Krythyk, her pseudodragon companion, has been with her even longer. The pseudodragon has been known to wear leather armor and wield a tiny-sized longsword, though his level of skill with it is, as of yet, unknown.

She’s been shown to be adept at brewing teas with alchemically beneficial properties, which has aided the Heroes of Redspire more than once in their adventures. She’s also proven to be incredibly proficient at disguising herself and infiltrating a Drow city, a feat the heroes still cannot reason completely. She decided to leave her home and adventure with the group, finding a life of adventure intimidating but rewarding, knowing her brewing skills could save her new friends’ lives.

She recently began growing tea in the garden in her new house in Cromboll, her new home.

Camellia Lafant

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