Legacy and Destiny

Orc Cave

"Someday you will all be Clan Cornrow."

After Bridgemill, the party headed up to Talfisk hoping to meet Flod Stoneforge and inquire about Jarvanelli and the statues. The mountains are fairly forgiving in the summertime, so the party makes the trip in just four days. There, they discover that Flod has traveled further into the mountain to deal with a white dragon. The party, deciding he might need assistance, follows suit.

After a day’s travel, they are confronted with a rock wall and sheer drop, and carefully make their way across. Zaigan, in an effort to make a secure rope hold, activates an Immovable Rod to discover it is cursed and screams incessantly. The resulting avalanche knocks the party off the wall and breaks Elucifer’s arm, which was attached to his Immovable Shield, and everyone else attached to him with rope. As the group climbs up and continues across, Harken falls a second time in an effort to show off his dance moves to Wilrow, the new party member.

They get around the mountain to be accosted by the white dragon, who stirs up a second avalanche. The party flees into a nearby cave, except for Harken, who gets trapped under the snow.

The cave is filed with orcs, and a battle ensues despite the Elucifer attempting to threaten and plea with them. Jharysa digs Harken out of the snow and escapes while the rest of the party fights, and Harken joins the fray, picking up a Flaming Greataxe from an orc commander. The orc ladder appears and flies around the cave blasting spells at the group, just as Zaigan traps himself in the snow, sealing Harken and Elucifer in together. They make their final stand and Elucifer dispels the chieftain’s flight, and he plummets into an ice spike and is fatally impaled. As the orcs turn to flee, the heroes do the same and dig their way out. Up the mountain, Jharysa encounters Flod and his company, who have slain the dragon. As the rest of the party gets up the mountain they discover Flod is much younger than expected, and it turns out to be his son bearing the same name.

Flod imparts his father’s journal and other gifts on the party before they depart to Heskr to regroup and prepare for the swamp.



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