Glorious Halo, Capital of Amity


City of Water. Capital of the Kingdom of Amity. Home to King Richter XXII, Master Ushlat Erlking the Chosen Fist of Kairos, his wife Mellis, and Holy Water Maiden Anyel.

Though Halo is a mere 440 years old, it is steeped in incredible amounts of history and influence. It is the site of many major events in the history of Kairos as a whole, and sits as the seat of power for the country of Amity in the Northern Continent. The city is filled with over 300,000 burgeoning beings of all races and origins, even extraplanar. The city is a trade hub, a sanctuary, and a cultural dynamo.

The city is expansive in its sprawl, though most of the denizens actually live under the city streets. Indeed, a layer of buildings the same area of Halo exists under the main structures housing most of the city’s citizens. The main attractions of Halo are the Blue Marble Palace, the Arcanarium, the Temple of Purest Light, the Cathedral of Eternal Rest, the Labyrinth Arenas, and the Power Fist Martial Center.

The most notable feature of Halo is the water. The city is, at all times, flowing with pure holy water over just about everything. The streets are lined with clear-flowing gutters, most buildings have intricate waterfalls on one or more sides, and there is always the low roar of waterfalls in all directions. This leads the city to emit a cold, wet air at all times, and is mildly uncomfortable to those from other continents (or damaged by holy water).. The surface buildings are intricately carved and built from light colored stone, mostly marble and granite. Interiors are equally bright and damp, as many of the finer buildings have intricate waterways flowing though their interiors. Most decorate their homes with blue and gold colors.


The Lowcurrent, a dark and mysterious place, is a startling contrast to the city above it. This city is the original Halo, build centuries ago, and is moderate disrepair. The majority of Halo’s citizens live and work here, tending to the various peasant work for the city (or otherwise making a living). It is a home to a wide variety of undesirables, and recently, riots and looting due to social decay.

The Waterworks, the true belly of the city, is where the water of Halo is moved. There are rumors of twisted mongrel humanoids living in the upper reaches of this place, though most of these rumors are the idle words of children. In the Waterworks, massive tubes, tunnels, and pumps lift and move the infinite amounts of water in and our of Halo. At the core lies a large, ever-flowing portal to the Plane of Water and the Holy Arch that blesses all the water flowing from the portal before it is magically pumped into the city. Only soldiers, mechanics, and mages dare to venture down here, though there’s always the threat of a dangerous monster or criminal haunting the tunnels.

Glorious Halo, Capital of Amity

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