Vaike the Canary

CG Dwarf Bard 5




If you ever want to hear a joke (especially about elves and adventurers) then this is your dwarf. Vaike is a widely renown comedian in dwarven circles, mostly because he’s one of the few that can break a dwarf’s stony stoicism with ease. His epithet “The Canary” comes from a knack for picking up completely random bits of information both great and small and offering them to anyone who gives him a gold coin. He will bite and tap any coin he’s given, he’s a bit careful of counterfeits.

Vaike has a pretty good head on his shoulders, and is rarely without the upper hand in most situations. Despite his sharp wit and senses, he tends to sit back and let things around him happen, rarely getting involved. He strongly promotes adventure (partly because he can then satirize the heroes’ deeds) and the bardic profession.

He was born in a small dwarven military outpost to two well-off warriors. He passed the time making fun of other people and, finding he had quite the knack for it, decided that was his calling in life. He’s a had his share of adventures when he was younger, but now he’d rather let other people endanger their lives and mock them for it.

Vaike the Canary

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