LE Gargantuan Clockwork Dragon


Height: 24’5"
Lengtht: 21’ 1" (Body) [44" 7" full extention, including tail]
Weight: 3824 lbs.

Made with the most advanced alloys and mechanical devices known to gnomekind, and filled with the hate-filled soul of a blue dragon, Pendulum is a marvel of both engineering and magic. He’s comprised of mostly brass (tin alloy) and mithril, allowing him to be resistant to the elements and light enough to fly. The compartments that house his more intricate gearings are made of enchanted darkwood to better vent heat. Those intricate gears are made of living steel and never wears down or needs maintenance. His claws, teeth, and tail spike are made of adamantine. His wings are made of pure angelskin, which protect him from the forces of Good.


Pendulum is a loathsome creature filled with ever-burning hatred for all life. The gnomes of Clockrock began construction of his body around 45 years ago over the course of several years, perfecting and inventing several techniques used in clockwork. He was to be a masterful work of wonder offered for the goddess of clockwork, but the chief engineer had an idea to take the project a step further: implement an actual dragon into the construct.

The gnomes knew of several white dragons that lived in the glacial mountains to the north, and while hunting for a fitting subject, happened on Malvynyn, a blue dragon seeking refuge from metallic dragons from the mainland. The gnomes, with all their magic and skill, fell and captured the soul of Malvynyn, and imbued the clockwork dragon with the soul of an actual dragon.

When they completed the first winding of his main spring, the construct flew into a rage and destroyed the facility. The gnomes had not anticipated Malvynyn would retain his consciousness, and fled through the flames into the city. The dragon razed Clockrock and flew off to parts unknown. Though the gnomes rebuild the city, the dragon returned the next year claiming a new name: Pendulum. He leveled the city once more and fled when the gnomes mounted a retaliation.

Though he returns to Clockrock each year and attacks (with less success each time as the gnomes build better defenses) no one has ever been able to scry or otherwise determine where his lair may be. Some say he is building a clockwork army bend on destroying all life on Kairos.


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