King Richter XXII

LG Human Aristocrat 10/Cavalier 6




The twenty second King of Amity in an unbroken line of sons, King Richter XXII stays true to his heritage. Like his fathers before him, he is known for his affable attitude to most everything, and is a kind and dedicated leader. His peerless skill of stewardship, honed by each Richter over the generations, leads him to be one of the most well loved and respected leaders in all of history. Many claim his charm and intellect is attributed to draconic lineage in his distant ancestry, but Richter himself claims it comes from the austere upbringing he experienced.

Although he is well loved by his people and well respected by everyone else (even his enemies), recent social breakdown in Halo and Amity have led his advisers to push him to seek a suitable wife and have children lest Amity erupt in a war for the throne. There are already circulating rumors that his adventurous youth may have already brought about bastard heirs to the throne.

King Richter XXII

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