King Ahmen the Round

LN Human Aristocrat 10/Expert 5




Well noted for his wealth and rotundness, King Ahmen is sometimes called “a businessman first and king second” by other nobles, even in his own court. He considers this accusation a badge of honor, for he heads the trading capital of Kairos, Bazaara. As such he keeps a perfectly neutral stance with the politics of the rest of the world, never taking a side or playing favorites, unless there is a threat to his nation.

He’s known to be both stingy and charitable in equal measures, though he often overspends his money in an attempt to gain the favor of guests to his palace. He has a penchant for extravagant parties as well: holidays in Bazaara are always so full of merriment and ferver that business all but grinds to a halt. Even so, the man is well known for his businesslike demeanor in most situations, and despite his extravagance, often keeps a very cool and collected head.

He is wed to Queen Merria, a beautiful half-elf commoner, and fathered two sons, Ahmor (22) and Amos (16), and five daughters, Merrin (28), Almia (23), Josia (18), Kelle (15), and Perna (10).

King Ahmen the Round

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