Grand Marshal Stahl

LN Human Cavalier 10/Aristocrat 4




Born Cadmus Stahl into the nobility of Bazaara and the nephew of King Ahmen, Stahl grew up wealthy and easy. Despite his instilled laziness, he showed an incredible amount of innate skill in combat and military strategy, but rarely put it to any good use. At the young age of 18, King Ahmen made Stahl Captain of the Guard in Halo in an attempt to push the boy into realizing his potential and grrom him for a position as a general. It worked to some small degree, though Stahl still did what he could to get out of work whenever possible.

One story in Stahl’s childhood is well known: Around the age of 14 he was hunting with his father and some of his father’s friends and children when he began to complain that it was too early in the day to be hunting. Annoyed, his father left him to sit by a stream. He returned hours later to find Stahl sleeping under a tree surrounded by eight dead orcs, all cut down by his sword.

After the assault on the Drow City beneath the Webwood, the king was thoroughly impressed that Stahl only lost a small handful of the soldiers in his retinue and appointed Stahl Grand Marshal of Bazaara’s military. Stahl still prefers to shiftlessly meander about town or drink in a tavern when his new sweetheart, Jharysa, isn’t coaxing him out to do his job.

Grand Marshal Stahl

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