Cassus Dirgehart

CE Human Dirge Bard 8




None have ever known the origins of Cassus DIrgehart, but many say he’s was born in the town of Orpha and laid a curse upon it before he left. Although most bards do not trust him, he has a reputation for being a fantastic musician and powerful spellcaster. Although he’s been banned from many towns and even a country entirely, his dreary performances still fascinate audiences all over the North. His dirges are well known for driving people to tears and even suicide.

Recently he was slain in Russet Hill, and his connections to Urgathoa and necromancy came to light. He was taken in by the local church of Iomedae for consecration, lest a bit of his necromantic powers linger in his corpse or followers seek him out to revive him.

Cassus Dirgehart

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