Tyrin Kellar

CG Human Void-Touched Sorcerer


6’0, brown hair, brown eyes, 22 years old.


Born as the second son to Richard and Jayna Heller, Tyrin Kellar lived a simple life on a farm outside of Redspire. Content and happy to play in the fields and help his parents with the chores. He looked up to his older brother Keroc, especially once Keroc joined the Red Hat Wizards in town. As he got older Tyrin found himself staying up long nights just staring at the stars. Often times he would go with only a couple hours of sleep and be exhausted the next morning working the fields. He couldn’t stop himself from doing this though, and couldn’t figure out his draw to the heavens either.

As he came of age Tyrin developed arcane powers. For the first several months he kept these hidden to himself, practicing and learning the best he could by himself at night. Until one day he confided in his brother that he had this power. Being part of the Red Hats himself, Keroc talked him into joining. Tyrin spent the next several years there learning more about his power and studying arcane knowledge.

The family farm had fallen on rough times so his father decided to begin working as a silk hunter. The extra income from this helped the family a lot and his father enjoyed the work. However, about a year ago his father died while in the Webwood. As time passed the family farm came upon harsh times once again.

Upon hearing about the Heroes of Redspire saving the town, Tyrin and his brother eagerly wished to join them. They had only ever read about fantastical deeds and adventures in books and wished to experience more than this small town had to offer. They also jumped at the idea to make money to send to their mother to help out with the farm. They knew leaving the Red Hat Wizards meant they would no longer be members of this guild, but that was worth it to them for the chance for adventure and money to help their mother. Saying their goodbyes to the friends they had made over the years, they set out to find this group of adventurers and to experience the world.

Tyrin Kellar

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