Elucifer Maurick

CG Human Inqusitor



Height: 5’11"
Weight: 208 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Fair


Partisan City 24 years ago

…. “My Lady, There is another one, it’s twins!”
With the pain of birth subsiding a maelstrom of mixed emotion stormed within the new mother; of the two little ones she now held within her arms, one would be acceptable, one would have its father’s love. Her second born son was everything the father could have wanted; he had subtle but elf-like ears. Her firstborn son was different, so plain, and although she loved him from the moment her servant had placed him within her arms; to her sorrow, she knew this child would be forever shunned, this son was human: Her human son born of her partisan blood, Elucifer.

That evening the Lord of the house raged, he berated the mother of his newborn sons.
“How dare you present me with this! Do I not keep dogs to to
dispose of unwanted meat! This creature will not live under
my roof! This Detritus will not inherit my lands my subjects will not
call him lord! This damnable cretin will not call me father!”

And so the Lord told the mother she was to leave the estate and take the child, and when she returns the “blight upon his name” would not be with her.

Rieleia agreed to her husbands words, but would not heed them. She would take Elucifer far away form Partisan, far away to the cruelty and hatred that ruled his father’s heart.

Halo, 15 years later

Growing up in the lowest slums of Halo, Elucifer grew up safe from the prejudice he would have faced in the city of his birth, here he had learned the virtues of charity and compassion, in his squallier he had a sense of community and belonging. Despite the hardships of his life of poverty and the shame his mother endured the keep them feed, Elucifer was strong and proud.

For the past few years Elucifer and his friend Gerey had lived and studied with the
Monks of the Healing Water. These years had been Elucifer’s happiest and most well feed in his life. All that ended the day Ushlat killed the master and destroyed the order. Overwhelmed, Elucifer’s thoughts grew dark and his days were filled with self pity. He heard Gerey and some other went out seeking revenge, and in the same breath that they had died.

While training with the monks Elucifer’s braid had been a source of pride, but after the death of the master and his friend Gerey it only served as a painful reminder. After removing the physical manifestation of shame and regret Elucifer sought out an old friend he lost touch with after he joined the temple, and friend he told himself he’d never see again.

Nolan had grown up with Gerey and Elucifer, now a bandit, Nolan and his band made their living in forests along the south roads, preying of travelers around Orpha and Syarnne. Nolan and his band welcomed Elucifer, Nolan had often regaled the others with colorful and exaggerated tales of his and Elucifer’s childhood “exploits”. Elucifer, with his life destroyed and resigned himself to whatever bandit life would bring but he was surprised at what he found. These “bandits” were nothing like the images the word invoked. The Men had families they supported, children they spoke of with pride, stories of hardship and lose, and regrets; all too familiar regrets. Elucifer learned how exaggerated tales of bandit attacks were, almost no=one was ever killed and there was hardly any fighting involved, mostly people just surrendered, they were robbed and set on there way. He learned that it was important not to take everything all the time or steal from the same merchants everytime they passed to avoid the issuing of a higher bounty or the hiring of more guards. The band would rob shipments and when they heard the merchants were looking to hire more guards some members of the group would apply for the positions.

This worked out well for a time. ….
The next chapter in Elucifer’s life started on one unassuming day. Elucifer was acting as a guard for a shipment of general goods coming from Halo, He and his employer shared the road with a Paladin of Iomedae, Conner Nosaj.


……. Everything went wrong, Bandits lay dying, horses riddled with arrows; Nosaj was on a war path. Elucifer managed to stabilize the bandits during the confusion and rolled them off the road. The other Bandits ran away but Nosaj pursued. Elucifer didn’t know what else to do so he stay with his guard duty and escorted the good to town.
The next morning the Paladin arrived in town. Elucifer was torn on the one had he admired Conner, someone charged ahead ready to kill anyone whom he felt deserved it and Elucifer wanted badly to be able to do that, to take his life and the lives of the wicked and death deserving into his hands: At the same time he didn’t want to think about what Connor’s arrival might mean regarding the fate of his friends… and he dared not ask.

Elucifer spent the next few days with Connor Nosaj, Conner spoke in length about Iomedae and his own adventures; and when it came time for Nosaj to leave Elucifer went with him.
Elucifer learned alot form Nosaj, Learned to use a sword, to ride a horse, how to get out of paying for drinks; But he was surprised to learn there was much he could show Conner. Nosaj was an inept hunter, hopeless tracker, and had a tendency to overlook and underthink things.

Four years ago, near the mountains beyond Sealake, Elucifer and Nosaj found themselves in the town of Highover.
What they found there was appalling. Arriving on rumors of abduction from nearby villages they were disgusted to learn that minor infractions and perceived debts had landed much of the local populace in forced labor in the nearby Boneculles Mine. The local Lord profited from there suffering but try as he might uncivic minded Conner could not break the wall of law and contracts the Lord had protecting him and resigned to ask the clergy of Iomedae, many miles from here, for guidance. Elucifer could not bring himself to leave the people to suffering and dying in the mine. With word of an amazing discover that required he see for himself, Elucifer lured the Lord into the mine and with the help of begrudged miners, buried the lord in his precious mine, and a pick in his back.

After that Elucifer didn’t travel with Nosaj.


Elucifer Maurick

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