Legacy and Destiny

The Resurrection of Harken and the Deck of Many Things

"We interrogate the monkey."

After some rest, the party decides to participate in the activities of Fool’s Day, and proceeds to prank themselves and one another. Some catnip for Iden, glue-laced tea for Elucifer, a gassy monkey for Jodocus, and fake armor grease for Makoa, the newest addition to the party. The party, excluding Jharysa and Chalex venture to the town of Russet Hill with Camellia and Vaike to retrieve the undead Harken from the control of the necromancer bard Cassus Dirgehart. After a very brief run-in with a pack of hyenas, the party is roused form sleep when Elucifer’s cloak begins to choke him. Jodocus pushes the cloak away to reveal it is a cloaker, and the party beats it (and accidentally, Zaigan) into submission. Elucifer checks all the other cloaks in the party with his sap shortly afterwards.

Once they arrive safely in Russet Hill, Zaigan casts Anthropomorphic Animal on Jodocus’ monkey, to reveal it was actually a spellcaster. After chasing and sapping the monkey, Elucifer and Zaigan interrogate it to discover it was a half-elf sorcerer named Frederick that accidentally polymorphed himself on Fool’s Day. They decide to help him return to his original form after they return home.

The next night they party attends the theatre where Cassus is performing and slay him and his undead minions on stage. With Harkens body in tow, they set off for home.

Chalex meets up with them for their return trip. They encounter a massive hammer laying in a field and are surprised to find it belongs to a cyclops who bounds up and snatches it away from them. He informs the party his name is Bug and his chickens were stolen by a bull. Elucifer decides the bull must be a minotaur and Makoa and Jodocus wish to help him retrieve his property. In the minotaurs dungeon, the party hops over some pitfalls and slays a Chimera. Zaigan retrieves the young from a nearby nest to sell. Chalex, still under the effects of his Elemental Touch spell, bolts through the dungeon and triggers several traps in an attempt to not waste his spell. He charges into the minotaur and is slain by its greataxe.

The party catches up and kills the minotaur. Bagging up Chalex’s body, Jodocus sniffs out a secret room filled with treasure. Since he has Muleback Cords, the rest of the party explores the remainder of the dungeon to find the still-missing chickens. They get trapped in a stone room with no doors and attempt to devise ways out. Jodocus, not sure where the group ended up, explores an out-of-place room filled with a warm fireplace, a large banquet table, and young girls preparing a feast. He is confronted by a Kyton who offers his life in exchange for the life of one of his companions. Jodocus instead sells Chalex’s body and his own eye to save his companions.

The illusory room ceses to function and Zaigan and Makoa manage to retrieve the “chickens” which turned out to be a trio of cockatrices. They discover a chunk of Chalex’s flesh on the Minotaur’s greataxe and keep it. Collecting their reward from the dungeon and from Bug, they set off back to Bazaara to revive Harken and reincarnate Chalex, who became a young human.

Chalex, dissatisfied with his new form and fearful of his family shunning him, asked King Ahmen for a letter of introduction to Master Ushlat. Begging Ushlat to use the Deck of Many Things, Chalex and Elucifer, along with Ushlat and a court wizard, were teleported to a weather-worn shack in an unknown location. After the wizard cast Hold Portal on the door, Ushlat placed the deck on the table and instructed Chalex he could only draw three cards, and must suffer any consequences of the deck. Chalex agreed to draw three cards and drew Comet and Donjon. Upon drawing Donjon, Chalex winked out of sight before the eyes of the others, and the deck settled itself into a neatly shuffled stack. Ushlat gathered the deck and explained to Elucifer that Chalex was gone forever, just like a companion of his many years ago when he first found the deck. The mage teleported the group back to the palace in Halo, and Elucifer returned to Bazaara with a great sense of loss.



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