Legacy and Destiny

The Heroes of Redspire, as they have come to be known, include Elucifer the Cloakbeater, Harken “Wolf-Puncher” Darkeyes, Zaigan (and Idin), Jharysa, Jodocus Ooze-Rider, and Chalex Azure. These heroes explored the spider-infested Webwood outside the town of Redspire (named for the red brick wizard’s tower in the center) and discovered a plot to destroy the town crafted by vile drow druids.

Before Jodocus, Chalex, and Zaigan joined the group, two other adventurers, Castiel and Vanyel, assisted Jharysa, Harken and Elucifer in the exploration in the mages college in the woods that exsted before Redspire was built. Inside they were betrayed by their dwarf warpriest, Kardr, who came back from death later to seek revenge. In the woods they discovered the dilapidated house of the famous artist Jarvanelli, and without a powerful magic paintbrush and a box housing a tiny fire elemental. After that, Harken was killed by a monstrous spider, Castiel betrayed the party, and Vanyel committed suicide. Captain of the Guard in Bazaara, Stahl, rounded up some eager adventurers to bolster the group’s numbers.

With some help from the local fey, Captain Stahl, Vaike the Canary, and a tea-brewer Camellia, the adventurers infiltrated the drow city and caused instability through assassination and propaganda. In the Temple of the Spider, they encountered Kardr for the third time, accompanied by a mysterious being that assaulted the party with visions of the future. In the end, they slew the druids and their god “The Spider”, a massive tarantula. With the town saved, the adventurers left Redspire to enjoy some peace in Bazaara, hoping to resurrect Harken and never lay an eye on another spider again.



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