Legacy and Destiny

The Giant's Tower

"I got his foot."

Fearing another attack on Bridgemill, the party elected to follow a treasure map Zaigan made magically with a piece of the dead ogres. They followed the map north until they spotted a tower in the distance. Elucifer, casting a few spells to give him a quick and stealthy edge, ran to the tower and found two ogres bound in chains. As he slew them, a hill giant popped up over the tower and began throwing rocks. After a short and exhausting battle, Elucifer fells the giant and waits for the others to arrive. Zaigan, Jodocus and Makoa arrive, leaving Camellia and Jharysa at a leisurely pace. The four men explore into the tower, travelling downstairs and encountering a summoning circle and several chokers. Although the party handled the chokers, a couple rust monsters appeared and rushed Harken, damaging his equipment. They were swiftly killed.

Meanwhile, the women of the group came under a hail of bolts from Bolt and his accomplice. They survive the encounter, but Camellia was nearly killed and the accomplice was captured. Once they arrived at the tower and rendezvoused with the rest who were licking their wounds from the monsters in the keep, they set to interrogating the man with the Manacles of Cooperation (while the paladin was off eating lunch). After a lengthy interrogation including the removal of his left foot by Harken, he revealed his name, Jokan, and his love for Bolt. He also revealed the plot Bolt has to harass the group to steal their findings and turn them over to Vallon, and Bolt’s secret love for Jharysa. With that, Jharysa ended the man’s life and tossed him outside the keep, along with some tools and a table in her rage.

During the interrogation, Jodocus wandered downstairs into the depths of the tower to poke around for valuables. What he found was a straggler choker who brought him down and drug his corpse further in to eat. The party, not knowing Jodocus’ fate, began to wonder where he was, and went down to find a trail of blood leading to him. The dispatched the choker and reincarnated Jodocus as an orc, and decided to rest for the evening. The next morning they explored the rest f the ruins, only to find an altar. Kardr, now a bearded devil burst forth from the altar in flames, screeching and swinging a saw-like greatsword. He was quickly brought down and fell to the ground cursing their names. With the help of Jodocus’ MIser’s Mask, the group found a horde of treasure behind the altar.

After dividing it up and returning to town to rest and continue on their original task, they began to wonder if they could ever escape the foes that haunt them from their time in the Webwood.



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