Legacy and Destiny

While in Heskr, the party takes some time to visit a tent where jinni seers are telling fortunes. Though expensive, each member of the party gains some insight into the future and into themselves, and picks up a new party member Hammru, who believes the party is tied to his own destiny after a dubious reading from a jinn.

The party rests for a week, collecting themselves and preparing to enter The Slosh, until Frederick brings a letter to Elucifer. The letter is brief and asks the party to return to Bazaara immediately at the request of Stahl. A wizard has been paid to teleport the party there. The party gathers themselves and is warped away to Bazaara, where they find a tearful Conneth, am orphan Elucifer and Harken saved from an Ettercap in the Webwood, and Stahl, who tell them Redspire has been invaded by skum. Knowing that Mayor Cromball of Redspire had once mentioned a possible skum threat, the Heroes of Redspire felt a sense of guilt as they rushed to the mage’s guild to be teleported to Redspire.

Arriving just outside of town, the group immediately smelled the smoke and heard the sounds of warfare. They rushed through the farmland, slaying skum, until they arrived at the home of Tyrin and Keric engulfed in flames. The brothers searched the home, but could not find their mother. They dispached the remaining skum and rescued a handful of Bazaaran soldiers, who thanked them and directed them into the heart of town.

As they crested the hill leading into the town of Redspire, the party was confronted with an appalling sight: The town’s namesake lay in a heaped ruin of burning red bricks, a massive being comprised of fire feeding off the flames and spouting fire at soldier, skum, and homes all around the tower. Soldiers lay dead everywhere as they fought a losing battle. Everywhere were homes in flames. Redspire was no more. Just as the party began to set a plan of action, a succubus bathed in light with black, feathery wings appeared before them, speaking with serious authority.

She directed Keric to the tower and told him to seal the portal to the Plane of Fire. The soldiers would have no chance to fight back the skum so long as the fire elemental blasted the town with flames, and the portal was its connection to the Material Plane. She told Jodocus to go to the Temple of Desna, and find the people he knew. Asking both men to promise her they would succeed, she gave each of them a feather from her wings as a token of that promise. Before she left, she blessed the group with a ward from the flames in the town, and faded away into nothingness.

The party split into two groups, with Jodocus, Elucifer, Makoa, Tyrin, Hammru, and Wilrow charging through the thick of battle to the temple, and Keric, Harken, and Aiden sneaking over to the Redspire to douse the flames of the colossal elemental. As Tyrin and Jodocus wiggled their way through the burning alleyways of the town, hopping over and through the remains of the burning buildings, Elucifer, Hammru, and Makoa charged through skum with shield, halberd, and hoof, knocking them down and blessing the soldiers as they cut their way towards the temple. Once there, they were immediately ushered into the building by three gnomes, who Jodocus recognized as the Silver Pistons. They offered no explanation to their presence, but informed the group that a huge skum with a team of strong lackeys and a battering ram were headed for the front door, and the townsfolk inside the temple must be protected. Elucifer, Tyrin, and Jodocus loaded up their most powerful spells and ammunition and climbed up a ladder to the roof as Makoa and Hammru braced against the door.

Though Tyrin set the ram on fire, the skum were determined to see the temple destroyed. Jodocus shot a gut grinder into the eye of the largest skum, as Tyrin and Elucifer shot and scared the rest of the skum away. The battering ram only got one good ram on the door before dropping, and Makoa’s determination to see the people safe inside held the door in place as it splintered around his hands. Hammru heard the sounds of screams coming from the back of the temple and readied himself and Makoa to run into the back. Outside, the largest skum unexpectedly burst into a cloud of bats and flew to the roof to reform in front of the heroes. Jodocus bashed it in the face and knocked it off the roof, as Elucifer shot the skum who ran up to assist their apparent leader. He once more assumed the form of a bat swarm and flew into the setting sun as Tyrin attempted to blast him with a fireball with no apparent effect. Makoa and Hammru were busy with skum in the rear of the temple, and sensing the skum might have been undead, blasted them with positive energy and halberd.

Meanwhile, the other group snuck into the redspire through an hole in the side where the building collapsed. After navigating the interior, they arrived in the basement where the elemental portals were, Harken passing out from smoke inhalation. Aiden would do the same, but not before they both felled several burned corpses of Mages who had risen due to the catastrophic destruction of so much magical energy in the tower. Glad that he had the Bottle of Air Harken had found and given him, Keric grabbed the focus stone from the portal’s archway and threw it into the portal. The gateway crumbled and the energy lifted up and out of the tower, where the elemental outside was sucked into its home plane and ceased to be.

Exhausted, the party rested and recuperated in the temple, as Vaike and Camellia joined them to mourn and offer peace to the people. Camellia was devastated at the loss of her home, and the party discovered the body of Mayor Cromball. With a feeling a guilt, Elucifer took what documentation he could find on the town and had it couriered to the count. That night, the group was approached by Arenic, the aranea they had met in the Temple of the Spider in the drow city. He invited them into his home in the Webwood, and offered them a chance to strike back at the skum in the town they had already conquered on the shoreline.



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