Legacy and Destiny

Lord Vallon and the Statue

"Do you know that this is?! Neither do I!"

The heroes received a messenger early one morning asking them to go the the manor of a Lord Ricardo Vallon at the request of Jharysa. Figuring this was the new work she had mentioned a few days prior, the group put on their best attire and traveled to town and arrived at the manor proper. After a brief encounter with an elderly elf butler and a couple half-elf twin maids, the party was escorted to a grand sitting room, where several Jarvanelli paintings, among a variety of other interesting art pieces resided. Jodocus lifted a piece of crystallized fire from a curio cabinet just as a man entered the room, accompanied by a large, solid black panther. The man invited the group to sit and introduced himself as Lord Ricardo Vallon, Seneschal of Bazaara. He informed the heroes of a particular map found on the back of one of Jarvanelli’s paintings he bought from Jharysa, which lead to a collection of unique statues he would like to add to his art collection. Agreeing to pay each member of the group two thousand gold apiece with an additional two hundred fifty gold incentive, he showed them the map and pointed to the Slosh, a swamp east of Halo, and the first statue he’d like collected to test their skill and earn their trust.

Vallon took a moment to offer the group tea and get to know them a little better, even producing the crystallized fire Jodocus thought was in his own belt pouch. After the pleasantries had been exchanged, he described the statue as the form of a crocodile on a dais. He explained the statues are mentioned in a few obscure writings, mostly journals of adventurers and dwarven records of ancient times, though none have ever been studied. Jarvanelli was once an adventurer and had collected enough information on the location of the statues, though was much too destroyed by his wife’s death to care. Vallon mentioned an old dwarven bezerker named Flod Stoneforge, a companion of Jarvanelli some hundred years ago, who might still be alive and have more information on the statues or at least how they discovered their location.

Armed with a new quest and promise of gold and adventure, the group rested and gathered a little info and gear. Makoa visited the temple of Torag in town and discovered the Stoneforge ancestral home, a small village in the mountains north of Sunshadow Falls. Elucifer convinced Vaike to ride along with them, so he could get a chance to return to his homeland. Jodocus, distraught by his inability to glean infor on his new eye, got drunk in a bar and passed out, only to wake the next morning in bed with one of Vallon’s maids with a mithril gauntlet of unknown origin. The group departed the next day for Heskr, the dwarven capital. After five quiet days on the road, the plains gave way to rolling hills and windmills of farms in the farthest corners of Bazaaran territory. They came to a town, Bridgemill, which is situated on and around the Torvan river, and known for its extensive wheat fields and massive mills along the banks of the river.

As they got into town, the party quickly noticed that the town was incredibly quiet. This gave them cause for alarm and they drew their weapons and treaded into town carefully and found five ogres munching on someone and hoarding treasure from the town. As Makoa charged headlong into the ogres, the rest of the party was thrown aside as an ogre flipped their wagon. Camellia was trapped under a crate, and as Zaigan and Harken rushed to her aid, Jodocus and Elucifer fired wildly into the ogres. The group made short work of the ogres as Vaike ran around the cart attempting to hold in the supplies as the scared horse tried to drag it away. Zaigan calmed down the horse (along with Vaike and Camellia) as the doors and windows of the buildings opened, revealing a gathering crowd of joyous townsfolk who threw a feast in the heroes’ honor. The group was felt they had earned it, and had some delicious fresh baked goods and decided they would continue on to Heskr in the morning.



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