Legacy and Destiny

Hunting the Skum

"I'm so sorry."

After a short break, the heroes set forth into the Webwood to discuss the next course of action. The Aranea there informed the heroes of the skum’s home, just off the coast of an island to the west. They collected themselves and headed out, but not before Harken recieved a curse from an overly amorous aranea, which inflicted him with six additional eyes. On the way to the coast, the group encountered a pair of fire giants, and after a few words of little consequence, continued on.

Painting a couple boats with Marvelous Pigments, Elucifer gathered the heroes into the waters and set forth to the small island the aranea had mentioned. The journey was brief and uneventful, though they met a few fishermen on the island’s shore who offered directions. Once at the tip of the island, the group searched the waters for the evening until a cave had been found by Harken. Deciding sleep was in order, they rested and prepared for what may lurk below.

The party elected to leave Makoa, Hammru, and Camellia on the beach in case of an emergency and to prevent any Skum from surprising the exploration team. The rest of the heroes dove into the waters and swam through a dimly lit cave until reaching an air pocket and the skum lair itself. Tyrin caught the attention of several scared and suffocating sahuagin, and through a series of tense conversations, avoided conflict with them. The rest of the lair proved equally forgiving, and the group avoided most of the traps and monsters contained within. In one of the deeper parts of the dungeon, the group encountered Camellia, alone and crying but shriveled and fanged. After a short chase, they captured her and discovered her to be a vampire, although seeing her just three hours before. She explained she stole a purple orb from the skum but dropped it and blacked out, to awake as a vampire. Confused, the party continued on, finding an ornate stone sarcophagus. Assuming it to be the leader skum’s own, they smashed it apart and scattered the pieces.

Jodocus and Elucifer allowed the rest of the party to bring Camellia back to camp in a Bag of Holding while they cleared out the rest of the dungeon, but not before they fell into a few ooze-related traps. Once everyone was topside, they met up with an exhausted Makoa and Hammru, and made their way back to the mainland.



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