Legacy and Destiny

Corrupt Merchant

"About that.... He's already dead. I killed him."

Harken, recently brought back into the world of the living by his companions, felt the pains of resurrection and sense of loss for both time and money. Elucifer and Jodocus imparted one thousand gold and a Bladed Belt to get him started, and Zaigan paid for a cleric of Sarenrae to alleviate some of his ill resurrection effects. Harken, seeking to earn a little coin and stretch his legs, sought out some work while the party awaited Zaigan to return with a reincarnated Chalex. Jharysa approached Harken with a book containing a list of contacts and shipments she had acquired a couple months ago in the Webwood.

It mentioned a man named Glevvi, and a series of plots involving robbing silk hunters from Redspire to drive up the price of spider silk. Harken took this book and began to scour the town for info. His questioning seemed to catch some attention, and he was jumped in an alleyway by some thugs. After deftly pinning one against a wall with his axe (and using a potion to save the thug’s life) he threatened the elf to direct him to Glevvi.

The goon brought Harken to Glevvi’s residence and used a secret password to pass a bodyguard. Once inside, Harken was attacked by a pair of iron cobras and single-handedly defeated them. One more swing of his axe brought the guard down and a mighty chop sliced Glevvi (who barely even saw Harken) in two. Harken found the evidence to convict Glevvi and brought it to Stahl, but kept a little of the stolen money for himself to pay for another cast of Restoration.



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